Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shore Amp 2009

They grow up so fast

DSC_0828.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0840.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0845.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0853.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0860.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0867.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0873.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0878.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0880.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0885.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0890.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0893.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0911.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0913.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0945.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0954.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0960.jpg (by davidjroos)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

CBD/high Street

Waiting waiting

Wandering around downtown in crappy light

Auckland City 2009-12-15-6.jpg (by davidjroos)

Auckland City 2009-12-15-5.jpg (by davidjroos)

Auckland City 2009-12-15-4.jpg (by davidjroos)

Auckland City 2009-12-15-3.jpg (by davidjroos)

Auckland City 2009-12-15-2.jpg (by davidjroos)

Auckland City 2009-12-15-1.jpg (by davidjroos)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lunch for Leukemia

When you don't have anything new to photograph

A shot from the Lunch for Leukemia event I took photos for (for free!) a while back

Old is best

Lunch for Leukemia (by davidjroos)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Auckland City

Fun things to do at night

Mr Saxby and myself had a wander round the viaduct. Pointing and laughing at drunk people dancing to terrible terrible music was almost as much fun as taking the photos. 10 points to the girl out taking photos alone.

Almost too right


Totally not jealous


Te Aroha


Bridge to downtown Te Aroha


Te Aroha Domain


Western Springs

Cheering up

To Western Springs with Countesscupcake

Come here
Dissapointed, shortly
Between your toes
Not doing so good