Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shore Amp 2009

They grow up so fast

DSC_0828.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0840.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0845.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0853.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0860.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0867.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0873.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0878.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0880.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0885.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0890.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0893.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0911.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0913.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0945.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0954.jpg (by davidjroos)

DSC_0960.jpg (by davidjroos)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

CBD/high Street

Waiting waiting

Wandering around downtown in crappy light

Auckland City 2009-12-15-6.jpg (by davidjroos)

Auckland City 2009-12-15-5.jpg (by davidjroos)

Auckland City 2009-12-15-4.jpg (by davidjroos)

Auckland City 2009-12-15-3.jpg (by davidjroos)

Auckland City 2009-12-15-2.jpg (by davidjroos)

Auckland City 2009-12-15-1.jpg (by davidjroos)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lunch for Leukemia

When you don't have anything new to photograph

A shot from the Lunch for Leukemia event I took photos for (for free!) a while back

Old is best

Lunch for Leukemia (by davidjroos)