Sunday, July 24, 2011

Auckland update

Beaumont Quarter/Tank Farm

Colourful fences and cleaned up old tanks (blue one in the background)

Tramlines loop laid, almost finished and all wired up


Viewing platform (will be covered in creepers I think)

Marsh and grass!

More planters, more grass

One of the old tanks being cleaned up and new benches

More grassss. These tanks also appeared to be having some work done

Purdy - sandpit, tanks and viewing platform. The 'road' I'm on goes from Westhaven marine right across to the the new bridge to Te Wero island and on to the viaduct.

Water feature and wind sculpture

New events centre

Public viewing platform

New bridge (which will one day hopefully have a tram going across it)

End of the road - the viaduct beyond + shipping container viewing platform

Bridge, container viewing platform and events centre from te wero island