Sunday, October 24, 2010

Achievements to date

  • My arms are quit tanned, though this makes the rest of me look even MORE pale than usual. Working on it.
  • I have bought a lens - coming from the UK with some arrangements with: BNZ (changing my billing address), Vanessa (briefly in the UK then coming back here) and Amazon UK (place where I buys my stuff)
  • Laptop should be fixed and in my hands by the end of next week
  • Survived a night of being on Radio duty
  • Learnt how to (badly) handwash clothing
  • Can drive Manual
  • Cooked a Stroganoff by making it up at the supermarket (which everyone liked)
  • No blisters on my 4 days of trekking
  • Learning to cope with slow computers
  • Learning to be patient