Sunday, October 3, 2010

Big Update!

This is what being lazy/ busy does... quite a backlog.

This week has basically involved getting ready for and going to camp/jungle camp and tonight was Phase 1 project allocation (Lots of energy and excitement pending the announcements!)

Wednesday we spent having various medical lessons.

Dr. Phil teaching us about health and hygene

Basic emergency medical care (I murdered a tomato with a needle)

Our able instructor

Sprains and strains

Game where everyone lined up in alphabetical order in a circle, and at their turn ran into the middle, performed an action and shouted their name at the top of their lungs. It didn't help me and I'm still a bit traumatized :p

Tips on packing your rucksack

Thursday morning we packed up and headed out for 3 days of hiking and camping with full (20+kg) backpacks.

Pre-trek instructions

Romeo 2

Romeo something else

Cows on the wing...

It's not even hard yet!

Giles, our mighty mountain warrior

Bridge safety lesson

Walking towards our camp site

No pictures of the camp site that night, as we had to set up coms in the dark and rain (which didnt work anyway!). The field had 2 horses, and a million frogs. The trees around the field were full of fireflies/firebeetles which flickered on and off which was lovely to watch as I relived my bladder. We had a hell of a time getting our coms up - we could hear everyone else on the radio but no one would respond to us. We moved the antenna (not a small job) but it got dark and started pissing down and we had to give up when the throw rope got caught in the tree. Satphone to the rescue.

Leaving from camp the next morning:

On the way to the river crossing

At the river for river crossing training

And the dam control being opened at a high rate... time to go....

To the next river

Jungle camp!

Euan's bed before it collapsed


There were a LOT of bugs an jungle camp. Giant crickets, terrifying ants, very large spiders. All in abundance. Mosquito nets and being off the ground <3

Heading home!



Sorry for so many photos! Quite tired now. Can't think of anything else to say.