Friday, November 26, 2010

Semi-firm movements in the coming weeks

November 30th I depart on a day trip up Volcan Irazu to say hello to the trekkers, Zero 2 and the workers on the mountain, Zero 4. Back to fieldbase on December first.

I then leave again on December 4th to again meet the trekkers at Selvaand then down to the Talamanca project with Zero 7 for a couple of days before returning to fieldbase again on the 7th.

My final trip leaves on the 8th when I head off to meet the Guandacaste trek (northern Costa Rica) and climb Rincon (much like the Dragon and Volcan Casita in previous phases) before heading back to the turtles at Camaronal! Back at fieldbase on the 12t of December, where I will be until the 19th when Raleigh officially ends and we all bugger off to a beach on the Carribean coast for some proper relaxing.

I will most likely stay there until the 21st or 22nd - depends on how long it will take me to get back to San Jose. I will aim to be in a hostel near the airport on the night of the 22nd for my 8:20am flight on the 23rd to Phoenix (Arizona), where I will have a 6 hour (ugh) stopover before being on my way to LA, where once there I have three hours to kill - enough time to change from the domestic to international terminal and deal with the security circus etc. After that I am Auckland bound for Christmas lunch!