Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Plans plans plans

Since a lot has changed in the last few days I am updating everyone with my upcoming movements. Uhm.. where I will be.

Wednesday December 1st I am out in the mountains at Bajo Pacuare meeting up with the trekkers of Zulu 2. I will spend the night with them before heading back to filedbase on Thursday the 2nd.

Friday December 3rd I leave again, this time for Talamanca, in the south (Just north of Panama on the east coast). I m here for two nights, then back to fieldbase on the Sunday the 5th.

I have a couple more days at fieldbase, then once again on the road on Wednesday the 8th, this time heading up to the Guanacaste region, specifically Rincon Lodge - the base of Mount Rincon. I will climb that with Zulu 3 then head off to the coast to do their final food drop and then finally head back to Camaronal (turtle beach) on Friday the 10th, there on the Saturday and finally return to fieldbase on Sunday the 12th.

After that I will be around until the 19th. The venturers arrive back from their phase on the 15th so I will have a mad rush getting everything finalised before then. They depart on the 17th I think and all the PMs and fieldbase staff have 2 days of intensive cleaning of fieldbase before we head down to Cahuita on the Carribean coast (Very close to Talamanca in fact).

I will spend 3 nights there - the 19th, 20th and 21st - before heading back up to San Jose (well, the airport town Alajuela) to spend the night of the 22nd. I fly out of San Jose on at 8ish am on the 23rd to Phoenix, Arizona where I have a 6 hour stopover, then a short flight to LA where I have three hours to change from the domestic to International terminal before catching my flight to Auckland, arriving at around 9am on the 25th!

After that I'm hoping to travel a wee bit, go camping or whatever and try and get a bit of fitness in me again before I head back to the airport on the 17th of January - this time Cape Town bound! Yay! I arrive back in Auckland again on February 24th, after spending a night in Dubai.

My plans for Cape Town are to see everyone I haven't seen in the last decade, but thoughts in my head at the moment include:
  • Climbing Table mountain
  • Watching the sun set from the Spur at Blouberg (while eating delicious, delicious food)
  • Cape Point (never been!)/Fishhoek/Simonstown etc
  • The other side of the peninsula
  • Getting into the wine region/Ceres Valley
  • A few nights in the dessert
  • If I'm feeling really adventurous, getting out to Namibia
In Dubai I plan to mostly sleep, but also go up/see the Burj Dubai and go the Dubai Mall (the largest in the world).

After that I guess I 'll find a job or something.

Oh, I shaved also. Sorry to everyone who was hoping to see me with horrible, horrible facial hair. I couldn't go on any longer, for obvious reasons:

I look lovely now, you'll be glad to know.