Monday, December 6, 2010


Coroma is an indigenous reserve in the South East corner of COsta Rica - the river we drove along before catching the boat actually forms the border with Panama. The map below shows where we were headed. Coroma is on the bottom left corner - the top right is the Caribbean and everything south of the grey line is Panama. On a side note, at the top of the map is Cahuita - this is where I will spend my last 3 days in Costa Rica - lazing on the beach.

We drove down the 36 to Bribri before heading inland along the river/border as far as Suretka where we parked up and transferred to our boat/dugou canoe with an outboard.

The ride up was beautiful - the river is very complicated and as you are travelling along suddenly another part of the river joins in and you get some turbulence and the little boat struggles its way along - great fun.

Once at Coroma we said hi and helped out a bit at the worksite - part a school Raleigh is helping to construct.

As we has arrived on the Friday afternoon, our full day there was Saturday which meant making chocolate and sports activities.

After a hard days work/play the best spot is the river. By far the best spot - really lovely and refreshing

After a great day we headed off this morning at 8am - another beautiful ride on the river...

...and a brief stop at the giant sloth museum/sanctuary thing...