Friday, December 3, 2010

The misadventures of David

Still alive!

Went out for a simple food drop last night near fieldbase, passed some small slips on the road where we needed to move some big rocks. Nothing major, some minor concerns about if it would get worse, but we needed to get there so we did. Next morning on the way out a giant tree and come crashing down, blocking the road entirely. I reversed the car back down the hill after getting all we could carry out and walked back up to meet the rest. Since we couldn't pass and we had an infected-footed-trekker with us we made a plan and got ourselves back to fieldbase, bending some rules and getting a grilling for it. Sorted a plan and I headed back up with another driver and we transferred the rest of the gear across the tree/blockage and headed back here, after I reversed the car down the hill again. Speaking to a lady down the bottom, I was told that they expected it to be cleared in 3 hours. Not sure I believe that, but we have a contact in the area who will let us know. I'm not convinced, and quite frankly, can't be arsed to go back again if I need to.

Lessons learnt:
Reversing down ~2km of road, twice in one day, gives me a sore neck.
Trees are big, and break in half when they fall quite far.
Costa Rica is very pretty, but the pretty bits by definition are prone to landslides.
You can move big rocks with a stick on 4 men