Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nothing much to report

Yesterday was off-road driving - proper off-road. Took the Land Rover through some boggy and very bumpy and steep terrain which was thoroughly enjoyable and something I look forward to doing again!

While out driving I saw a 'Jesus Lizard', no idea what the proper name is, but it's the lizards that run on their back legs across water. The one I saw was pretty small - it literally was skipping across the water filled tire ruts in the road, but cool nonetheless. I'm told there are much larger ones around to be seen. The driver after me saw a 2m long green tree snake in pretty much the same spot...

After that it was off to the field to practise towing/being towed which was interesting in itself, and has a distinct possibility of being needed in future!

Today is the last day of just the advanced field base group - we have some PMs arriving this afternoon on their on accord and we will be picking up a bunch more from the airport tonight and staying in San Jose overnight before making our way back tomorrow for the PM induction week.

I will be giving tours, helping with lunch dinner etc and taking photos of all the PMs tomorrow when we are back, then after that is swimming(!). Wednesday is various training bits, Thursday we head out for jungle camp, Friday is jungle camp, Saturday we are home again for some more training and then on Sunday/Monday after that the PMs are off on their project planning visits - they travel to the actual sites they will be working at, be it in the north of Nicaragua or the beaches of Costa Rica.

Since this is a photo blog, I took some rubbish photos of today's scenery and weather (hot!). I hope you appreciate them, because I was attacked by ants taking them. They are small ants, but they are angry.