Saturday, September 25, 2010


Every day starts off with a meeting, which itself starts off with a game of some sort. Today was 'Two truths and a lie', yesterday was something random that is too much effort to explain.

Today was quietish, me and Alex are responsible for lunch and dinner, so that took up a few hours getting sorted and shopping at Maxi Bodega (Bodega seems to be a generic term for 'store room' or 'shop' or something like that). After lunch was a wee break, then off for an hour of driving in the landrover. Only stalled.... 4 times which I don't think is tooooo bad, considering the whole... never driven a manual car thing. It's a monster of a clutch though, and I was trying to be gentle but it didnt always go that well! The roads were pretty busy, but I guess I've been driving long enough to not be too too flustered by the traffic and slight manic-ness of town driving.

Tomorrow we are off to a volcano about 2 hours away. Each of the four drivers will get half an hour each on the way there or the way back. Supposed to be spectacular up there, so I will do the advanced field base group portrait up there.

I don't think I've posted it before, but this is what the office looks like...

And 'in motion'