Monday, September 20, 2010

San Jose

Off for my short itinerary of things to see in San Jose

Pedestrian arcade running perpendicular to the main streets

Plaza de La Democracia - The square outside the National Museum (The yellow building).

"Costa Ricans take pride in the National Theater, which is considered to be the most impressive building in San José. In the 1890's, the ruling coffee barons voted for a tax on coffee exports in order to fund the construction of the theater, and European artisans were imported to design the building.

Completed in 1897, the building features a classical Renaissance columned façade topped by statues symbolizing Dance, Music, and Fame. Inside, the pink marble foyer features allegorical figures of Comedy and Tragedy, and painted murals depicting themes in Costa Rican life."

Eventually ended up at what was the main shopping high street (I gather). A few nice cafes and a ton of Surf Shops (clothing stores) and flashy shoe shops. Everyone seems to have nice shoes. And everyone (the well dressed ones anyway) has flash shoes.

Kept on wandering...

Found a tidy litte park, Jardin de Paz

Across the road to Parque Espana

Mosaic Bridge

Just before home again

Observations: Pretty third world, but some people seem to have money, lots of US fast food chains, people loitering, but generally happy and pleasant.