Tuesday, September 21, 2010

San Jose take two

Buddied up with my two dorm mates and headed back into San Jose to try and change some travelers cheques (to no success) - ended up walking around some of the more.. off the path areas which was nice as it was a bit easier with three of us.

What you are looking at here are some tiles that used to form the top of a barrier, but have since been concreted over for whatever reason, which then has broken up. Odd.

There are payphones everywhere, always full of people.

Outside the central market - fresh squeezed lemon juice

Inside a fresh fruit market

Real clouds!

I arrived in Costa Rica expecting to be overwhelmed with beautiful curvy women, but for the most part curvy just means... tubby ... and a bit ugly. There are exceptions but no more than anywhere else. The mannequins in the stores are all...locally proportioned, and have the arses facing the street.

So no travelers cheques means I can't change any money until I get to field base - hopefully the expedition group is sorting out paying for tonight.. if not :p

Still not sleeping terribly well, wake up at 5 or 6 after 8-9 hours still quite tired but unable to get back to sleep. Hopefully my body clock will catch up again pretty soon.